3 Reasons To Convert Warehouse Lighting To LEDs

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LED lighting has a number of advantages in general when compared to conventional lighting. While LEDs provide improved energy and maintenance efficiencies as well as a better quality light, there are a few things they do for warehouses and large, open facilities in particular that most people don’t necessarily realize. Much of this has to do with the technological differences between LED lights and conventional lighting. Read the links below for a specific, issue-by-issue comparison of LEDs versus typical warehouse lights like fluorescents and metal halides (a type of HID bulb). Otherwise, focus on the big three items below where some key LED features help them to achieve large advantages when it comes to large warehouse lighting and lighting for sports complexes.

Warehouses typically use one of two lights: linear fluorescent lamps or metal halide lamps. While fluorescents and metal halides were an improvement over incandescent bulbs they still present issues like disposal hazards, shorter lifespan, and less efficient light when it comes to a direct comparison with LEDs. That’s the stuff everyone knows about. Here are three items that aren’t typically discussed that make a big difference when it comes to the overall efficiency of your lighting system:

1. LEDs Eliminate Warm-Up Times: Metal Halide lamps in particular are notorious for long warmup times (15-20 minutes is typical to get to full power). This is why you see large sports stadiums turn on the lights well before the sun’s light is completely gone. The stadium has to operate the lights for 20-25 minutes before they ever really need them to illuminate the stadium. That means they’re burning energy before they’re ever required. Oh and by the way, metal halides are less efficient at lower power so they’re burning more energy per unit of light output (lumen) as they warm-up to full power. As a consequence, many major stadiums are switching to LEDs. For a list of some LED early adopters in the sports world read here

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