Bath room lighting

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As the place where you typically begin your day and wind down in the evening, your bathroom should feel like a sanctuary. One of the most basic ways to create the perfect atmosphere for this space is installing the right type of ambient lighting on the different fixtures.

There are many different options available to homeowners when it comes to installing these bathroom lights, but the team at Rensen House of Lights is particularly fond of LED lighting in Kansas City, KS. When installed in a pendant lamp, chandelier, or rope lights hidden behind molding, this lighting option is capable of adding a soft glow throughout the space that can be both welcoming as well as useful.

Vanity Updates & Recessed Lighting

The overhead lighting makes it easier for you to use your bathroom, but it is the accent, recessed, and vanity lighting that actually creates the true look and mood of the space. Accent and recessed light can work as a piece of decorative art as they spotlight different design elements throughout your room.

Vanity lighting, on the other hand, needs to look good while also helping you use your mirror like the tool it is. That is why it is recommended that you mount any type of LED lighting on either side of the vanity mirror 36 to 40 inches apart. This helps you avoid unwanted shadows under the eyes, chin, and cheeks.

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