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When you are looking to add a little allure to your home it is time to consider strategically placing lighting around your favorite indoor and outdoor features to create eye-catching focal points. These will truly show off the unique style of your décor.

With the type of lighting fixtures in Kansas City that you’ll find at Rensen House of Lights, it isn’t hard to create striking accents that will dazzle your guests and impress your neighbors. There are four types of lighting fixtures that are perfect for this sort of job, and they include:

Landscape Lighting – This lighting option helps you draw attention to the parts of your home’s architecture and landscaping that you love the most. From highlighting your garden and trees to the details of your front entryway, these lights create a warm glow that better defines your property’s unique characteristics.

Ceiling Perimeter Lighting – These ceiling lights are the perfect addition for adding an aura of sophistication to your space. This lighting draws the eye to any interesting architectural features or crown molding you might have in your home. They also help create a “frame” your room to make everything feel like a unified whole.

Built-In Accents – This is an excellent option for creating luminous displays to showcase your favorite collectibles, including statuettes, sculptures, and figurines.

Picture Lights – The lighting solution is ideal for showing off any wall art you might have in your home.

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