How do dual USB and USBC charger with Nightlight work?

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Mini light with USB port and Type C port charger

What are the benefits of using night light?

Night lights can aid relaxation before bed, reduce fear of the dark, and provide lighting at night for better visibility. This article explains the benefits of using a night light, lists some of the best options available to buy online, and suggests some alternatives.

Dual USB Port and USBC Port with LED dimmable Light.

With touch mode switch

Nice Design cover of Lamp body

OEM Available for Lasing Logo and Packing

Free Samples available on stocks.

Factory-direct Price

How is the USB charger work?

When two devices are connected, power is automatically distributed between them based on their power requirements.

For most devices, power is shared evenly when you have two devices charging at the same time

Nightlight is a touch activated night lite that plugs into any standard outlet and also has two dual USB ports and USBC port for charging devices.

The night light has three different light modes that can be changed with a soft touch to the night light.

You can use it for your child’s room, the hallway for in the middle of the night or anywhere else you could use a dimmable light in your house.

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