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LED Track Light Factory, how to design LED Track Lighting. Systems.

The Types of LED Track Lighting Systems

Commercial lighting, home lighting, display lighting and exhibition lighting often have LED track lighting systems. The most primitive track light system is to use mains power supply and power head to fix the track lights.

In recent years, magnetic track lights have become more and more popular in the field of high-end lighting, because the magnetic track light systems bring you a sense of hierarchy, comfort, design and advanced sense in a limited space, and supports different lighting modules. Therefore, the magnetic track lighting system is used by more and more lighting designers.

The Advantage of LED Track Lighting Systems

  1. Easy to install and disassemble

The track lighting system can fix the lighting modules on the track. Only need to buckle the track lamp into the track to complete the installation. When the position of the lamp needs to be moved, it can be directly unloaded from the track and changed to another position.

The KYDLED series track system can not only move the LED track lights at will, but also add various LED track modules according to actual needs. The track light system has strong applicability, so it is accepted by the majority of customers. One track can support different types of lighting modules, and the application scenarios are more extensive.

2. Variety of choices

FENGYING LED track lighting system has 4 different types of lighting modules, including floodlight module, grille module, spotlight module, and pendant lighting module. 4 types of lighting modules can be selected according to application requirements, which can be one or more. This means that whether it is used for accent lighting to highlight architectural elements, overall lighting to provide basic illuminance, or atmosphere lighting to enhance the emotions of the space, a set of track light systems can be used to achieve.

How to Design LED Track Lighting Systems

We take the LED track system as an example. One track can take into account both basic lighting and key lighting. The track lights are easy to disassemble, move flexibly, and light up when they are installed. They are especially suitable for simple styles, making the space clean and extending the visual effect.

In the residential space, we can use track + grille spotlight module. One washes the headboard of the bed to create a comfortable sleeping environment; one washes the background wall, diffuse reflection reduces the light difference of the TV and protects eyesight.


In commercial space, we can use magnetic track + track spotlight module + pendant spotlight module + floodlight module. The spotlight module accurately controls the light, focusing on the products, and avoids the uncomfortable glare when the light is directly irradiated on the customer; the floodlight module supplements the brightness of the space, combining the two to create a unique light and shadow atmosphere.

Installation Methods of FYD Series LED Track Lighting Systems

Free combination, DIY Lighting Style

FYDLED series track light system can be installed not only on the ceiling, but also on the wall. Not only the appearance is beautiful and generous, but it also creates a flowing artistic effect. It can enhance the atmosphere. This is the best choice for lighting designers to outline the space lines.

The FYDLED series track lighting system supports three installation methods: embedded, surface mounted and recessed trimeless. You can choose appropriate installation method according to the space requirement, or you can mix and match the three installation methods.

The track lighting system has 4 kinds of track specifications (0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m) and 3 kinds of corner accessories (flat right angle, inner right angle, outer right angle). The track can be tailored according to actual needs, creating more flexible choices for line design.

The LED track lighting system requires professional technology in terms of installation, embedded installation, concealed installation, and intelligent control.

FYLED is committed to providing customers with one-stop track lighting system solutions. If you need our technical support, please send an email to to contact our lighting design team!

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