Magnetic track rail 3w led slim showcase light,led light for showcase display

The size of this track light is smaller than that on the market. The wattage is 3W or 5W. It is a private model of our factory and is installed with our magnetic rail. The main feature is that it is magnetic, easy to install and practical. Especially suitable for display cabinet lighting, high-end oil painting lighting, and indoor lighting scene projects.

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0.5M, 0.9M, 1.0M


2 years

Rail material


connector funtion

180 beam angle adjustment

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About this item

  • Adjustable Track Head: It has a flexible 360-degree horizontal adjustment of the direction of the lamp head. And the power is available in 3W and 5W.
  • track rail: The length can be customized as required, and there are two connection angles of 90 degrees and 180 degrees. It is very convenient and flexible to install with human nature.
  • Materials : It is made of advanced heat dissipation materials and has a professional certification process. The surface of the shell is made of die-cast minimalist synthesis to allow good heat dissipation and continuous use throughout the day.
  • Easy Installation: Easily install it onto the ceiling and quickly connect it, via the included instructions. The rails are interconnecting, and can be attached according to a user’s individual needs. When installing, simply attach the rails first, then install the lamp orders, connect the power supply and the lights will light up! 

Product Details

LED Mini Track lamp with rail is our own mold, there are many design of cover and can be used in many projects

its cover use aluminum materials , Cree COB chips. there are below advantages.

  •  High-quality aluminum shell, better heat dissipation, less light decay, longer life;
  •  Brand LED cold light source, no radiation, no heavy metal pollution, excellent performance, pure color
  • Abundant, high brightness, low frequency flashing, energy saving and healthier;
  •  High-efficiency optical lens, can do different beam angle. 25 or  60 beam angle.
  •  High power transformer, perfect combination of lamps, electrical appliances and light sources;
  • Lightweight, simple, beautiful and generous, magenetic design easy to install and replace.
  • 12VDC or 24VDC , can be connected with different length as your project use.

What other we can provided

  1.      Professional technical support for your project include testing report or IES, led integrating sphere test
  2.      7 + 24  hours  professional service for trade and order inquiry.
  3.      Product have CE , IEC, EMC , SAA certificated quality issurance.
  4.      Samples delivery within 7 days ,  low MOQ with trial order for your project test.
  5.      OEM design for your logo and trademark in your specified product.

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