Plug in Night Lights USB+C Port Charger For Mobile phone and Bedroom LED Night Light

★Model: XS-010B-T, This is a two-purpose product that combines LED touch sensor lamp and charger.
★The sensor lamp and charger function can be used at the same time, saving sockets.
★Sensor lamp through the touch switch, three levels of brightness adjustment.
★Used in the hall. corridor. porch. bedroom and other places with sockets.

Additional information

USB Output

5V 2.4A

Lamp Power


Color temperature

white. warm white




US :56*56*58mm
EU :56*56* 78mm

Operating temperature

-10℃ ~ +50℃



Further Details

  • USBC or Dual USB Charging Ports: 2-in-1 USB Wall Charger, equipped with dual 5V/2.4 A USB ports for charging up to two devices at a time, compatible with phone, tablets, other USB powered devices. The well-designed compact outlook easily fits in small spaces and does not obstruct other outlets.
  • Comfortable Warm Lighting: USB Wall Charger with Night light provides bright warm light and glare-free illumination to you. And it will not disturb the eyes at midnight, providing the right amount of lighting to light up your way in darkness.
  • Safety:LED night light is made up with special ABS material which is fireproof , that guarantee the safety of the products.
  • Feature design:The light measurement can be adjusted, and the smart switch has infrared sensor and human touch sensor respectively.Simple and modern design.

Product Details

Plug in NighLight with USBC port Charger

1. The night light of this product has two lighting angles: positive light and side light.

2. The working voltage is 110-220V/50-60Hz. The product will be in normal use after power on.Touch the switch key to control the night light on and off.

3. Insert the USB charging cable into the USB port to charge the mobile phone or other digital products. The USB port outputs        5V/2.4A, and the maximum power of the night light is 1.5W.

4. Touch mode: brightness is 10%; brightness is 50%; brightness is 100%; touch the fourth time to turn off the light.

5. Infrared remote control is optional for positive lighting, with four-speed dimming and four timed light-off functions.

6. Optional with infrared human body sensing function. (Human induction and manual switch mode can be switched)

● Operating temperature in -10℃ ~ +50℃
● Do not place lamps in inflammable, explosive, damp and unstable places.
● Do not place the lamps in flammable, explosive, humid and unstable places. Do not install them in places where the air flow and temperature change greatly (such as near Windows, air conditioners, fans, stoves, etc.).
● Do not pour or immerse the product in water.
● When the product is not used for a long time, pull it out of the socket and put it in a dry place.
● When the product is abnormal, please cut off the power, and then pull it out from the socket, and ask electrical professionals to repair.

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