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Our factory is a leading LED luminaire manufacturer in China and we provide professional, full-service designs and manufacturing for commercial and residential lighting needs.

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We have a team of experts in foreign trade and product development. They are willing to help you with anything related to our products, including installation instructions, troubleshooting issues, or even just chat about different ways for you to use the product.

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OEM and ODM is what we're good at. We can customize the product according to your request, including logo printing, packing design and mould processing. Customized on Demand, wholesale at affordable price is our big advantage. so Leave your mailbox below.

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When you order from us, we'll provide free samples to see the quality and whether it meets your needs. There's also low MOQ requirement and flexible payment terms.We can supply you with a large volume of this product at a very competitive price.

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We at the factory strive to make every product with great care. We aim for high quality and speedy delivery, making sure that each customer gets exactly what they want.Our professional team is available to provide sea freight services at a cost-effective price. Kindly please contact us below.

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General Questions

All our LED lights and bulbs are energy saving that are designed to replace incandescent, fluorescent, CFL, metal halide, high pressure sodium and halogen lights in your office, facility or business. They will reduce your energy consumption by at least 50%, and as much as 80%, depending on the light you choose and the light we are replacing. With LEDs lasting up to 100,000 hours, we can also reduce your maintenance on your lighting. 

Color temperature for light bulbs is measured on the Kelvin scale. LED Bulbs come in a variety of colors, but the most common are in a range from 2700 Kelvin to 7500 Kelvin. The unfortunate thing is that the only consistent measurement is the Kelvin scale, Many manufacturers like to use terms like Day White, Natural White, Warm White and Cool White, but there is not a standard that defines a Kelvin temperature to associate a color temperature with those terms. The warmer the light, the more yellow tones, the cooler the light, there are more blue tones.

 In this example, we have used terms to reflect what we believe to be the right relationship to Kelvin color temperatures.
2700 – 3200: Warm White
4000 – 4500: Natural White
5000 – 5500: Day White
6500 – 7500: Cool White

Its important to note: at home we use Warm White bulbs, in the office we use Natural White and in the Warehouse we use Day White. We rarely use or even sell Cool White LEDs.

Yes. Some bulbs are designed with water-proof fittings. Others need to be kept in a water-tight fixture. Read all instructions and manuals before using a LED bulb outdoors.

The specification you need to check for is IP Rating. A bulb or fixture IP65 or greater is considered acceptable to work in a wet environment.

Sales Questions

Always buy based on lumens, watts is a number that is used to determine how much energy it takes to produce those lumens. It is important to pay attention to lumens per watt, or lm/w. The higher the number, the less energy you will need to produce the light. You will notice that some lights take less energy to produce the same amount of light, and this is something you should watch for. Typically, the higher the ratio, the better. 

Leave your message in our website ,we will contact you within 24 hours. the samples shipping fee is not included.

samples 7 days , mass order 15- 35 days subject to qtys

samples 1-2 pcs can be free, >5 pcs need to pay sample fee. mass order 30-50% desposit before production, balance before shipment

Our Happy Clients!

Good product with professional service. this spotlight fits very well to my project, the price is good, the shipping is fast, Thank you very much, I will put more order you in the near future.


Tony Smith


Bel design e paziente per la nostra richiesta, come designer, chiediamo molto prima della conferma dell’ordine di massa e ti seguiranno da vicino.Grazie mille, mi metto in contatto.


Karin Marin

Designer , EBA ssl.

Wir benötigen eine LED-Lampe mit unserem Markenzeichen und unserer Farbbox. Sie können mit niedrigem MOQ lösen. Sie sind Fabrik mit gutem Service! Wir werden wieder kaufen, danke!


Joe Bidin

CEO, Acme Industries

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We have focused on LED lighting for more than 20 years, and we are confident in the future, stick to our original aspirations, make good products, and provide customers with better and more suitable solutions. We are focusing on LED spotlights, track lights, let LED lighting warm your home, make your exhibits more valuable, and make your scene more in line with your imagination! Our future is better!

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